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Commands to control the HOST (for admins ONLY)

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Commands to control the HOST (for admins ONLY)

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:36 am

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Command the Gen host for admins [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Command the Gen host for admins http://bit.ly/gencommand

!f from,
!checkme do spoof-check regularly to let the system kno ur aren't fake user,
!p ping all,
!ips check ip

!autohost 12 to disable autostart in lobby but you have to start the game on your own[/b]
!openall to open all slots
!open <slot> to kick a player & reserve slot for friend for example
!close <slot> just use once needed, don't overuse, the game will never fire automatically if <8 ppls in lobby b'cuz slots were closed, !startn manually in this case

!startn start game now,
!endn only once no hope in game don't overuse

!a: abort the autostart for a little time
!sla <name>: safelist good player as to add him into the safelist database, slot will be reserved for him.
!db <name> ; !delban <name> to remove a ban from the database for this realm, if you believe your friend is mistakenly banned by his leaving or somewhat problem.

!open <slot> is mostly useful to find pro ppls and stop noobies from breaking in for example.
!swap <n1> <n2> swap slots
Sometimes you may nick to swap the slots, use !swap 3 5 to change ppl 3 to slot 5 for example

Believe me you just need !checkme, !open, !swap, !startn & !endn to do all the admin stuffs.

but sometimes you'd need !f & !ips to check if ppls are faking their usernames like hackers. In this case, plz note down their IPs & tell me to blacklist them from attacking the host & hacking the game.


DON'T OVERUSE any commands if unneeded, the system can automatically control the host. Abuser will be untreated and removed from admin database if being reported for bad behaviors by other admins.

If you are not sure about those commands, just let's the system does as programmed - The game autostarts once >=8 ppls are all set and autorehosts once <=3 ppls in game.

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