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Gen Patch for Castle Fight map

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Gen Patch for Castle Fight map

Post by Gen on Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:23 pm

Copy to share this patch & map
Latest map Castle Fight for share [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Latest map Castle Fight for share http://bit.ly/castle_fight

GEN PATCH 1.2 INFO. Features:
1. Custom Modes in game (typed by player): all custom modes have NO payload & NO attachment
-o/-ownmode   (RED ONLY)      =   Set the gamemode to your liking on your own. Custom Commands added by Gen won't work. There's no ownmode command if it's an autohost game & map_defaulthcl is set
-a/-am/-automode      =   -slb-gld26-fow-rr3-nt-ntb-ur-na-it7-bal2 (pre-setting mode)
-as/-skip(Red or Green ONLY)=   -slb-gld26-fow-rr3-nt-ntb-ur-na-it7-bal2-SKIP (pre-setting mode without adding more mode)
-gld26                   =   included in the automode as to draw a game if no winner & everybody gets lagging after 25 mins, last version it was 26 mins
-help/-helps            =    modes instruction
-credit/-credits         =   credits to Gen, http://thegenmaps.tk
-clear/-c               =   clear texts on your screen
-af/-autofill            =   balances the imba game by adding AI players to the missing slots.
-ai                     =   allows units to find the armors they can do best dmg when attacking.
No more spamming with -ai on screen now, ugly autotexts are only for map editors to test if AI works or bugs.

2. AutoHosting Castle Fight games (Visit thegenmaps.tk regularly to check for the updates, we support the modded map & the modded hosting version of GhostOne, the program for hosting):

It's recommended to set map_defaulthcl = a || as  for hostbots, then your hostbot should work
lobby commands: !hcl <a> for -am command, !hcl <as> for -as
List of availables defaulthcls in order of the popular usage.

map_defaulthcl = a (bot will autoenter pre-setting mode at the beginning of the game, equivalently -am)
map_defaulthcl = as (autoset -am-skip at the beginning of the game)
map_defaulthcl = is (__-am-ai-skip__)
map_defaulthcl = bi (__-am-ban-ai__)
map_defaulthcl = ri (__-am-rban-ai__)
map_defaulthcl = ad (__-am-dom__)
map_defaulthcl = bd (__-am-ban-dom__)
map_defaulthcl = rd (__-am-rban-dom__)
map_defaulthcl = di (__-am-dom-ai__)
map_defaulthcl = ac (__-am-ca__)
map_defaulthcl = ac (__-am-ca__)
map_defaulthcl = ah (__-am-ht__)

It's up to you to choose any of the available defaulthcls but map_defaulthcl = a (most prevail) & map_defaulthcl = as are recommendable

Patch Info: patch is added to the map
-It's not a hack, not a new release and not an update version of Castle Fight.
-It's a clean map. No cheatpack, no hackcode, not a hackmap. 100% guarantee if you download it here or from the Gen host.
-It's free to use and dispatch
Visit thegenmaps.tk regularly to check for the updates, we support the modded map & the modded hosting version of GhostOne, the program for hosting.

Castle Fight 1.22a modded with Gen Patch

More infos about patching:

Review all differences
Reply here to report any bug, ask for help or make a suggestion.

Life would be easier with -af, -am, -as(-skip), -o, ..
Giờ mấy cái dưới chỉ để tham khảo, chứ down map trên zìa rồi khỏi cần bận tâm nữa, mấy lệnh auto ngon lành.





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