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Downloading speed Empty Downloading speed

Post by Gen on Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:56 am

Well, I start this thread as a friend reported about downloading speed of Garena ppls. Technically Garena ppls have slower downloading speed than bnet ppls.

but for castle fight host
[Tue Oct 02 14:46:46 2012] [  GAME:  CastleFight3vs3as #3] player [Inseroy(78.84.93.***|LV)] has joined from [LAN] Europe RPG Room 02
[Tue Oct 02 14:46:46 2012] [  GAME:  CastleFight3vs3as #3] map download started for player [Inseroy]
[Tue Oct 02 14:46:46 2012] [  GAME:  CastleFight3vs3as #3] map download finished for player [Inseroy] in 0.8 seconds

Lately, I have seen a player joined my BattleShip game from Garena and his downloading speed is about 553 kb/s, the BattleShip map is 7.8 mb big but it didn't take long for him to have it. Many ppls keep playing in Garena b'cuz they have little knowledge (no offense), no choice (can't afford to have better internet connection) or wooden pc.

EDIT: Another clue to prove Gen bots are good. he downloaded the map at 506kb/s but left too soon, so get banned ofc.
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