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Download War3 clean maps

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Download War3 clean maps Empty Download War3 clean maps

Post by Gen on Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:27 am

If you want bots to download the decent maps, you can follow this link for bots to find the map, then right-click Copy link address, then !dlmap


Short links for sharing around:

Only maps with no cheats are listed for your download. Those maps are either clean or cheat removed:

Heroes of Anime(HoA) v0.1 no cheat (Gen removed the cheats)
Legion TD Mega 3.5(B4 or latest version)
Metastasis 1.8.2
Metastasis 1.8.1
Protect the Castle 9.2z
(10) Niggers Revenge v1.4d no cheat.w3x
(10) CustomHeroLineWarAQUA1b -opt.w3x
Tom & Jerry 2012
Command & Conquer 2.2.4

Battle Tanks 8.76c
epiwar mirror for Battle Tanks

DBZ Tribute Ultra V10b10
Maniac with Saw(horror map)
BattleStadium DON
Cruise command v0.85d

Fortress Survival Alpha

Pyramid Escape v3.6c ( Gen modded version for Pyramid Escape to make it v3.6c : cheat is restrictively locked and only works if there're less than 4 players in game, cheating is not recommended anyway )

Escape Loyalty
(7) Jurassic Park Survival cheat removed
Bloody Pirates! V3.710
Ogre Tag
Zombie Tag [A]4.0
VN hero defensive v2.0
SWAT maps
SWAT: Aftermath P120912

mirror on DropBox

BattleShip Crossfire 4.70
mirror on epicwar
mirror on mediafire
mirror on DropBox

Prison Break

Avatar 0.59
mirror on epicwar
Zombie Nation
Mafia 1.57
Combat Zone, originated by Bob666
Afterlife v3.8c(this map is no longer maintained so other later version is cheated)
Binders v3.0
Custom Hero Arena Defense by SwedishChef
Zombie Assault Force

Gaia Retaliation
Fortress Siege
Lost Temple


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