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Tkok VX Bosses

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Tkok VX Bosses Empty Tkok VX Bosses

Post by boxkinderjaje on Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:38 am

OK, lets start ^^
1.Broodmother: To do vx mode this spider you mustn't kill eggs wich she put in phase 2... when she appears again there will spawn 30 spiders from all eggs Vui vẻ .

2.Narith: You will vx this boss by "NOT DESTROYING" 4 boxes in corners .. so just kill narith without touching anything he will be vx Nháy mắt

3.Golem: To vx this guy you mustn't kill small golems (minions) wich will randomly spawn from all sides.. they give him small hp so it makes him difficult vx for small lvl's

4.Karixx: Easy vx.. just kill 5 small baby scorpions when battle start to make him enrage and he is vx Vui vẻ

5.Avnos: Fire one Vui vẻ , to vx this guy go in corner where will spawn minion (small avnos) kill him then go into another corner kill another one when you kill all 4 minions from all 4 corners he will be vx

6.Karnos: Ice one Vui vẻ , to make him vx you need to keep hitting him untill u get 25 stacks, but you mustn't kill him !!! Wait until he says "My power is overhelming" it means he is vx, than he is ready to die Vui vẻ

7.Karavnos: In phase 1 where you have to beat avnos and karnos together... To make karavnos vx you need to stack one of them 35 times, red or blue circle will appear above your head, after you see circle you can kill them... Karavnos will be vx.

8.Muarki: First normaly kill 4 minions before MU. Hit Muarki until he is on 50% of his hp.. he will spawn his minions again, if you want vx him "DON'T KILL MINIONS"

9.Vjaier: To make Vjaier vx you will see orange line binded to Vjaier, every few seconds there is charge traveling on orange line and charging vjaier, to make him vx let 90% or more charges to reach vjaier.

10.Crueltis: While fighting crueltis randomly there will appear "dark", to survive it go on light spots, also randomly crueltis will spawn centaurs , to make him vx dont kill centaurs let the darkness kill all centaurs.

11.Tal'navi: During the fight Tal'navi will spawn Living Boulders, dont destroy them if you want Tal'navi vx.

12.M'karsa: Before fighting M'Karsa, you will see circle maden with red stones... now there is an rune above that circle.. to make M'Karsa vx take that rune and run behind M'Karsa and put the rune into the bottle before M'Karsa destroy the bottle..

13.Hydra: Pretty easy to vx, if you want vx, activate the "black" book first then other 3, if you want to skip vx mode, just ignore black book.

I HOPE THOSE GUIDS WILL HELP YA, i wish you good game Nháy mắt

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