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LAG Issue ?

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LAG Issue ? Empty LAG Issue ?

Post by Gen on Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:48 pm

We need your helps to play on Gen bots and announce here if Lag issue arises (since Feb 15th, yesterday evening). Do people appear to have more lags in game ?

I am concerned about this issue. There are few changes which may affect the bots:
- Reject slow downloaders nicely (auto-kick & ban). This improves game quality and reduces lags.
- new database for country + city display. Bots have code to check players' IP that matches an entry in the database then print country & city.
- New database, I tested with city display enabled for 2 days Feb 13th-15th (noon) and feel that displaying city info of players join in lobby may cause the started game lagged.
- New database, I tested without city display Feb 11th-12th, it seems okay. Now, it is the same ( new database & code, and NO city display).

=> This is important because if lag issue arises, I have to revert to old database and code for country check, meaning no more thing about city check.

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